Who we Are





Our economic security depends directly on our ability to reinvent our economy around a positive acceptance of nature’s order and an active intention to work within its laws.

Such a sustainable economic system is local in nature, builds ecological health, and produces profits commensurate with ecological intelligence.

The Center for Economic Security (The Center) develops strategic communication and organizing campaigns to enable an effective and timely transition to economic security based on ecological sustainability.

The Center’s mission includes research, organizing, producing reports, radio and films. It’s innovative and award-winning work is based on four principles: respect local autonomy, do no harm to the welfare of future generations, restore ecological and economic health, and act with justice towards all species.

"We can transform Michigan’s economy and make it a world leader again. The key lies in our relationship to nature and to each other. If we act to build community and ecological intelligence there is nothing we can’t accomplish.”

Christopher Bedford - Founder of the Center for Economic Security"